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24 Oct 2018
First EGG - cooking experience: Tips to know for temperature control
10 Oct 2018
Planning a big party for all your friends? Here are the most unique recipes for unique people
Isn’t it amazing that the world is filled with billions of people and every single one of them is different and unique! We all have those special friends that are particularly precious in our lives, and it’s nice now and again to treat them, to let them know just how much we appreciate them. Here are three unique Big Green Egg recipes that are the perfect ‘thank you’ for the most unique people in your life…
18 Sep 2018
Make the best Tandoori Chicken in your Big Green Egg
We love barbecue, we love burgers, we adore sausages, we’re keen on chargrilled steak. But, when you’ve got a Big Green Egg, you can cook so much more. Big Green Egg owners really appreciate the ease of cooking you have with this barbecue, so they use it regularly. 
04 Sep 2018
Balcony or Veranda? There is an ideal Big Green Egg for every space
Have you heard about the Big Green Egg yet? It’s so much more than a barbecue! Of course, you can grill your burgers and sausages on it, but you can also cook a wide range of other inspirational dishes. It’s as versatile as any oven, and more so. You may be thinking that you’d love a Big Green Egg but you simply don’t have enough outdoor space. But the good news is that the Big Green Egg comes in a range of sizes and there really is one that’s perfect for every space! You don’t have to miss out on that delectable aroma of chargrilled chicken or tender steak cooking just because you only have a balcony or a veranda!
09 Aug 2018
Cleaning your Big Green Egg: 3 steps you must follow
Cleaning a Big Green Egg isn’t as much of a chore as cleaning other types of barbecue, so you really have no excuse not to keep it spotlessly clean. Look after your Big Green Egg and it’ll serve you well for many years to come. Keeping your EGG clean also improves its efficiency, allowing you to achieve a constant temperature, so it’s certainly well worth it.
09 Aug 2018
King of the grill – 5 rules you need to know for the best barbecue experience
There are some things in life that us men are well known for being keen on. Football, a cool beer, but above all, men love to barbecue! There’s nothing quite like taking control of the alfresco cooking and being The King of the Grill. Of course, you want your cooking device food to be the best everyone has ever tasted and so here are our 5 rules to make sure you’re the Ultimate Grill King…
16 Jul 2018
Summer Temptation. Sweet pizza with cold and hot fruit baked in Big Green Egg
You know what it’s like, you’ve cooked a whole load of burgers and sausages on your Big Green Egg but you’ve had so much fun, you want to cook something else! Everyone has had enough meat, so it’s time to get creative and make dessert on your Big Green Egg! No one is ever too full for this delicious mouthwatering sweet pizza, cooked to perfection with cold and hot fruit and the secret ingredient that makes this extra special? Scrummy Nutella spread!  
16 Jul 2018
Are we going camping? See why MiniMax Big Green Egg is essential for your summer vacation
There’s something magical about camping isn’t there? Getting out in the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars. Suddenly you feel free and relaxed. Long walks taking in the scenery, chilling out without a care in the world. Summer is the perfect time to go camping. Whether you’re a solo camper, camping with a group of friends, or going with your family, there are some essential items you need to make your camping trip really enjoyable. Of course you need a good tent, one that doesn’t leak if it rains. You’ll want a cosy sleeping bag and a sturdy pair of walking boots. But, there’s one more thing that is essential for any camping trip… a MiniMax Big Green Egg! Once you’ve taken a MiniMax camping with you, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 
16 Jul 2018
5 + 1 reasons why the summer barbecue on the beach requires Big Green Egg
The sun is shining, summer is here! No summer should pass by without a few days spent at the beach. Relax and unwind, have a swim, play some games. Then when you get hungry, what do you do? You could pack up some sandwiches, but by the time you eat them, they’re all warm and unappetising. No, you can do better than that! Make your beach meal the highlight of your day out with a Big Green Egg! 

A Big Green Egg is just perfect for taking to the beach and here’s why…
09 Jul 2018
3 + 1 reasons that football and BBQ always go together!
There are some things in life that we just totally love, one of those things is football, another is BBQ.  What’s even better, is that these two go together perfectly.  Could there be a better way to spend a summer’s day than watching the footy while eating BBQ food?  I don’t think so!  So next time there’s a big match on, why not invite all your friends round, get the game on the big screen on fire up the Big Green  Egg.   
So why is it that football and BBQ go together so well?  Let’s take a look...
19 Jun 2018
5 facts about Big Green Egg that will surprise you
The Big Green Egg is the most innovative and versatile cooking device on the market. Once you try the Big Green Egg, you’ll never go back to ordinary grills! With a huge range of sizes and lots of EGGcessories available, you can cook so many different types of food and feed as many people as you can fit in your garden! Here are our pick of the most surprising things about Big Green Egg…
19 Jun 2018
Time to compare! What size of Big Green Egg is right for you?
The Big Green Egg is the most versatile cooking machine you can own, but what makes it even more adaptable to your needs is that it is available in a range of different sizes, so there’s the perfect Big Green Egg for everyone! Here is some information about each of the sizes we offer, so you can choose the Big Green Egg that’s just right for you…

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