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3 + 1 reasons that football and BBQ always go together!

09 Jul 2018

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There are some things in life that we just totally love, one of those things is football, another is BBQ.  What’s even better, is that these two go together perfectly.  Could there be a better way to spend a summer’s day than watching the footy while eating BBQ food?  I don’t think so!  So next time there’s a big match on, why not invite all your friends round, get the game on the big screen on fire up the Big Green  Egg.   
So why is it that football and BBQ go together so well?  Let’s take a look...

1. It’s so easy to make a menu that suits all your guests.

A BBQ is such a good way to please everyone.  If your mates are fussy eaters, or if some of them are vegetarian, cooking one dish will end up with people complaining that you’ve cooked something they don’t like. You know the type, there’s always one person who doesn’t like spicy food or has an allergy to something you’ve cooked.  When you cook a barbecue, you can throw anything you like on the Big Green Egg and so you can satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.  They can even help out and bring something along to grill that they like.  From chicken to steak to veggie burgers, it’s all cooked to perfection and of course everything tastes better when it’s been barbecued!   

2. It’s a football tradition

Traditions are there to be followed, aren’t they? We’ve been watching the games and eating BBQ together forever and so of course it’s the right thing to do to keep up the tradition!  Well it’s the perfect excuse to throw a BBQ party when the match is on anyway.  

3. You’re having fun while eating  

When you get the football on the TV, you’ve got something to keep you entertained while you eat. There’s no need to make small talk, you’ve got your team to cheer on!  Get the TV outside, just make sure it’s in the shade so you can see the screen clearly, or watch indoors, just pile your plate high with barbecued delights and get a good seat for the game.   
If you’re cooking on a Big Green Egg, nothing can spoil your BBQ and football party. The Big Green Egg can be used in all weathers so you won’t have to disappoint your guests and end up cooking your food in your oven instead, missing out on all those great smells and that unique BBQ flavour that sets your taste buds tingling.   

4. Nothing  can  spoil  your  party

When you own a Big Green Egg, you can throw a party at a moment’s notice, it doesn’t matter whether or not the sun is shining.  A little rain or low temperatures certainly won’t put your grill out of action.  You can always rely on a Big Green Egg to work perfectly every time.  They’re also very safe, once you put the lid down, you can leave your Egg to cook your food, while you go and catch some of the on-screen action...
To discover more about the Big Green Egg, the range of products and all the accessories available, visit Foodsaver today!  

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