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5 + 1 reasons why the summer barbecue on the beach requires Big Green Egg

16 Jul 2018

5+1Reasons why the summer barbecue on the beach requires big green egg
5+1Reasons why the summer barbecue on the beach requires big green egg
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The sun is shining, summer is here! No summer should pass by without a few days spent at the beach. Relax and unwind, have a swim, play some games. Then when you get hungry, what do you do? You could pack up some sandwiches, but by the time you eat them, they’re all warm and unappetising. No, you can do better than that! Make your beach meal the highlight of your day out with a Big Green Egg! 

A Big Green Egg is just perfect for taking to the beach and here’s why…

1. It’s really compact

Mini and Mini Max Big Green Eggs are so neat and compact, you get a surprising amount of cooking space for the size, it’s been incredibly well designed. It’s ideal for putting in the car to take to the beach and it doesn’t take up loads of space when you get there. 

2. It heats up really fast

When you’re hungry, you want to eat right away, you don’t want to be waiting around once you smell that delicious BBQ aroma! With a Big Green Egg, your food will be ready to eat quicker as it heats up to the perfect cooking temperature in just 15 minutes! 

3. This is proper barbecuing!

What’s the best thing about a BBQ? It may be eating the food, perhaps it’s the fun of cooking it, but ask people that question and so many people will tell you that it is the smell. When you use a Big Green Egg, you’ll get a true barbecue smell. Smoke and charcoal. You don’t need to use lighter fluid to light the Big Green Egg, so you won’t get that smell of lighter fluid that is so common when using other types of barbecue.

4. It’s so easy to use

When you’ve spent the day relaxing in the sun, you don’t want to mess about with a complicated barbecue. Using the Big Green Egg is simplicity itself. It’s easy to light, and it’s easy to keep it at a constant temperature. Gone are the days when you had to stand over your barbecue tending to it constantly! 

5. Easy to clean

When you’ve finished your meal and you’re ready to pack up and go home, that last thing you want is to have to spend an hour cleaning up your barbecue. Your Big Green Egg even makes this job easy for you. It’s low on ash due to the efficiency of the charcoal, the interior is virtually self-cleaning as any grease will burn off, and the outside can simply be wiped over with a damp cloth. 

6. It heats evenly

Have you been put in charge of cooking the food? Well it’s your day out too and so you don’t want to have to spend all your time checking the food. The Big Green Egg gives you an even distribution of heat all over the grill, even at the edges, so everything will cook evenly. All your food will be ready at the same time, and you won’t have to keep turning it to make sure it’s cooked right through.
Looking for a Big Green Egg for your next trip to the beach? Check out the different range of sizes at Foodsaver Stores for a hot summer’s day trip! 

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