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5 facts about Big Green Egg that will surprise you

19 Jun 2018

5  facts  about  Big  Green  Egg  that  will  surprise  you
5 facts about Big Green Egg that will surprise you
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The Big Green Egg is the most innovative and versatile cooking device on the market. Once you try the Big Green Egg, you’ll never go back to ordinary grills! With a huge range of sizes and lots of EGGcessories available, you can cook so many different types of food and feed as many people as you can fit in your garden! Here are our pick of the most surprising things about Big Green Egg…

Super Fast and Extra Efficient

The Big Green Egg is easy to light, you won’t even need to use lighter fluid and within ten minutes it’ll be ready to cook on! There’s nothing worse than a barbecue that takes forever to light, and then even longer to get hot enough to cook on, two problems you’ll simply never have with the Big Green Egg. Due to the super efficient heating system, you won’t need to add any extra charcoal while you’re cooking, and any charcoal that hasn’t burnt can simply be reused making the Big Green Egg very economical.

Even cooking all over

The Big Green Egg cooks everything to perfection. The secret to this is the ceramic inner walls which retain the heat and spread it evenly over the entire cooking surface. So there are no cool areas and no hot spots. Wherever you place your food on the grill, it will cook perfectly, making sure that even if you fill the grill with burgers, they will all be ready at the same time, keeping all your guests happy at once!

You can barbecue whatever the weather

The Big Green Egg can withstand temperatures from below 0 to 350C. So if you want to grill in the rain in the middle of a freezing winter, then there’s nothing stopping you! You could even grill your Christmas turkey on it for a Christmas with a difference, the grill is certainly big enough! You’ll be surprised how much you can fit on it. The Big Green Egg is totally weatherproof so it won’t rust if you keep it outside all year round.

So easy to use – no hassle!

Never miss a party again because you’re having to tend to your barbecue. The cooking zone is enclosed so there’s never any grease flare-ups. The Big Green Egg doesn’t need your constant attention. The surface of the EGG stays cooler than metal grills, making it the safest barbecue to have around children and pets. 

Great Looking 

The Big Green Egg is uniquely designed to look more like a garden ornament than a barbecue. It blends in nicely to any location. Say Goodbye to ugly unsightly barbecues and say Hello Big Green Egg! A stylish addition to any garden, patio or balcony. 

Take the stress out of cooking outdoors

The Big Green Eggs eliminates all those annoying niggles you get with cooking alfresco. So cleverly designed to make barbecuing fun, without the hassle. Check out the full range of Big Green Egg cooking devices at Foodsaver. 

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