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Balcony or Veranda? There is an ideal Big Green Egg for every space

04 Sep 2018

Balcony or Veranda?
Balcony or Veranda?
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Have you heard about the Big Green Egg yet? It’s so much more than a barbecue! Of course, you can grill your burgers and sausages on it, but you can also cook a wide range of other inspirational dishes. It’s as versatile as any oven, and more so. You may be thinking that you’d love a Big Green Egg but you simply don’t have enough outdoor space. But the good news is that the Big Green Egg comes in a range of sizes and there really is one that’s perfect for every space! You don’t have to miss out on that delectable aroma of chargrilled chicken or tender steak cooking just because you only have a balcony or a veranda!

The  perfect  Big  Green  Egg  for  a  balcony

If you’ve got a balcony, then you’ve got plenty of space for a Big Green Egg and the MiniMax is likely to be your best option. While this EGG is small in size, it’s incredibly deceptively spacious. You can use the MiniMax to cook for four to six people with no problem. If you can fit six people on your balcony, you can certainly feed them all with the Big Green Egg MiniMax! This model is just 50cm tall and so is perfect for table-top cooking. The ceramic outer doesn’t get too hot, so you don’t have to worry about it being a safety hazard. The cooking area on the MiniMax is really generous, it’s pretty much the same as the larger Small Big Green Egg. It’s also very light, so if you want to take your EGG out on a picnic or to the beach, it’s really portable and it comes with its own carrier to make transporting it even easier!

The ideal Big Green Egg for a veranda 

If all you have is a small porch or veranda, don’t worry, there’s also a Big Green Egg for you! The Mini is the smallest, lightest model of Big Green Egg, yet you can still comfortably cook for two to four people at once. Small enough to place on a table top, it won’t take up much at all, and the stylish design and colouring makes it look more like an ornament than a barbecue. It’s weatherproofed too so you don’t have to worry about storing it inside when you’re not using it. The lightweight mini can also be used on the go so don’t forget to take it with you on your next camping trip! 

Once you discover the Big Green Egg you won’t ever go back

The Big Green Egg is the most versatile cooking device on the market. It’s made with incredibly high-quality materials, it’s safe and it’s durable. With so many sizes to choose from, you’ll always find one that works best for your own space. Now you don’t have to miss out on cooking outdoors just because you don’t have a garden that’s the size of a tennis court! 

Choose the EGG that’s right for you at Foodsaver Stores

Check out the entire range of Big Green Egg models here, and visit Foodsaver Stores today to pick up yours! 

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