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Are we going camping? See why MiniMax Big Green Egg is essential for your summer vacation

16 Jul 2018

Perfect Size
Perfect Size
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There’s something magical about camping isn’t there? Getting out in the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars. Suddenly you feel free and relaxed. Long walks taking in the scenery, chilling out without a care in the world. Summer is the perfect time to go camping. Whether you’re a solo camper, camping with a group of friends, or going with your family, there are some essential items you need to make your camping trip really enjoyable. Of course you need a good tent, one that doesn’t leak if it rains. You’ll want a cosy sleeping bag and a sturdy pair of walking boots. But, there’s one more thing that is essential for any camping trip… a MiniMax Big Green Egg! Once you’ve taken a MiniMax camping with you, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 

The perfect size

The MiniMax is one of the smallest Big Green Eggs. You may already have a larger version in your own garden. If so, you’ll know just how brilliant it is, but you don’t need to be lugging around a large Big Green Egg, you can simply get a MiniMax and save loads of space. While it’s small in size, it’s still big enough to cook four burgers all at once, or even a whole chicken. 

So sturdy and rugged

When you’re camping, you need a BBQ that’s robust. You certainly don’t want to get to the campsite to discover your BBQ has broken on the journey! This isn’t going to happen with a Big Green Egg. They are strong and sturdy, ideal for taking on a trip with you.

Safe for the family and pets

You’ll always take extra precautions when you’re camping, and a BBQ can be dangerous if not carefully attended to. The Big Green Egg is the safe option when you have little ones or pets running around. It’s built very solidly, so it’s not going to fall over and spill hot charcoal. When the lid is down, it’s very safe indeed. 

Quick to get going

After a long day trekking in the woods or exploring the countryside, you’ll have certainly worked up an appetite. While a BBQ is the perfect reward for your efforts, if it takes hours to heat up, everyone is left hungry and grumpy. With a Big Green Egg this simply isn’t an issue. From start to cooking temperature takes just 15 minutes!

Easy to clean

The worst thing about BBQs is having to clean them afterwards. When you’re camping, you’re not likely to have a wide range of cleaning products to hand. The great news is that the Big Green Egg is really easy to clean. With the Egg you use natural lump charcoal, which results in less ash than briquettes, the exterior is made from a wipe clean glaze that has a lifetime guarantee, and the inside pretty much cleans itself as the heat simply burns off the built up grease!

If you’re going camping this summer, be prepared and get your MiniMax Big Green Egg from Foodsaver now!

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