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Cleaning your Big Green Egg: 3 steps you must follow

09 Aug 2018

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Cleaning a Big Green Egg isn’t as much of a chore as cleaning other types of barbecue, so you really have no excuse not to keep it spotlessly clean. Look after your Big Green Egg and it’ll serve you well for many years to come. Keeping your EGG clean also improves its efficiency, allowing you to achieve a constant temperature, so it’s certainly well worth it.

 It’s important to know how to best clean your Big Green Egg. Follow our steps to make sure you’re cleaning your Big Green Egg the right way…

Step 1

Before using your Big Green Egg


Before you begin cooking on your Big Green Egg, empty out any ash that is in the ceramic base of your EGG. Using your ash tool, stir up the ashes and any leftover charcoal then simply remove the ash with the Ash Removal Pan and discard. It’s a quick and easy job, so always remember to do this and you’ll get the best from your EGG when you’re cooking on it, with a more constant temperature and increased cooking control. 

Step 2

After using your Big Green Egg

The last thing you want to do after you’ve had a lovely barbecued dinner is to start cleaning, but with the Big Green Egg, it’s really not a chore. You can simply burn off any food remains from the EGG and the grid by heating your EGG up to 300 degrees. There are also some handy tools available that can help with the cleaning of your grid such as the Spiral Grid Cleaner and the Dual Brush Grid Scrubber, making light work of the job.

Step 3 

Mould Prevention


Every time you use your Big Green Egg, you’re killing any bacteria that may be present. If you don’t use your EGG for quite a long time, you could have mould appear on your EGG. This is easily destroyed by using your EGG at a high temperature, but to prevent mould forming in the first place, our top tip is to not place a metal top or snuffer cap on the chimney, and to leave the base fully open. This allows airflow and should prevent any mould forming in your EGG. 

Cleaning made easier with Big Green Egg

The manufacturers of the Big Green Egg know that no one really likes cleaning, so they’ve done all they can to make the process quick and easy for you. By following these tips and keeping your EGG in good condition, you’re extending the life of your product and keeping it looking great too. 

Not discovered the Big Green Egg yet?

If you’re still using a standard tough-to-clean cooking device, you really should look into the Big Green Egg. As we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to clean, but it has so many other benefits too. Combining the flavour of cooking device with the ease and convenience of an oven, once you’ve tried cooking on a Big Green Egg, you’ll never go back, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! Find out more about the benefits of the Big Green Egg by visiting our website or check out the full range of Big Green Eggs in Foodsaver today. 


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