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First EGG - cooking experience: Tips to know for temperature control

24 Oct 2018

First EGG - cooking experience: Tips to know for temperature control
First EGG - cooking experience: Tips to know for temperature control
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Cooking on a Big Green Egg, and getting the temperature just right is incredibly easy, but as a new Big Green Egg owner, we have a few tips for you, to get the most from your Big Green Egg, and keep it in perfect working order for many years to come. 

High temperatures reached fast

If you’ve used other barbecues in the past, you’re probably used to waiting ages for the charcoal to light, perhaps then it’s gone out and you’ve had to start again. Then there’s another wait for the temperature to get to the right level for cooking. Cooking on a Big Green Egg is completely different. It will get up to temperature ready for cooking very fast, and when you’re new to your EGG, this can come as a bit of a surprise, albeit a pleasant one! 

Don’t reach for the firelighters!

So, as it heats up fast, and it lights easily, one big tip is NOT to use firelighters, lighter fluid or quick lighting charcoal. There is absolutely no need for it, and it will taint the flavour of your amazing Big Green Egg culinary delights!

Pay attention to the temperature gauge

temperature gauge
The temperature gauge on your Big Green Egg is one of the most important features. It’s incredibly accurate. You may be impressed to hear that the Big Green Egg temperature gauge is actually more accurate than those in most domestic ovens! So, keep an eye on that gauge and you’ll know as soon as your EGG is at the temperature you require. It won’t take long! 

Don’t worry about the weather

One of the great things about the Big Green Egg, is that you can cook in any weather, literally! There’s something very fun about cooking outdoors in the snow, and with an EGG, you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your party. The temperature control system is reliable and accurate regardless of the weather or the outdoor temperature. With the lid down, all your food is safely protected from the rain. 

Keep the temperature lower to start with

It’s important not to cook at a high temperature the first time you use your EGG. The first few times you use it, keep an eye on the gauge and keep the temperature below 350F / 177C. This is perfectly adequate for cooking most dishes anyway, so it won’t inconvenience you. After a couple of uses, your gasket will have fully cured and adhered itself to your EGG, so then you’re good to cook at higher temperatures should you need to. But don’t worry if you have damaged your gasket, they’re very easy to replace! 

Allow the air to escape from the EGG


Open the EGG just a little, to allow hot air to escape from the EGG without any flare ups. Once the air has been allowed to escape, you can safely fully open the EGG lid. This is particularly relevant when you’ve been cooking at high temperatures. 

Follow our tips for fun, safe Big Green Egg cooking

Follow this advice and you can rest assured you’re doing everything to keep your EGG in the best condition, and also to keep yourself safe from accidents. To discover more about cooking on a Big Green Egg, click here or check out the full range available in Foodsaver Stores. 

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