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King of the grill – 5 rules you need to know for the best barbecue experience

09 Aug 2018

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There are some things in life that us men are well known for being keen on. Football, a cool beer, but above all, men love to barbecue! There’s nothing quite like taking control of the alfresco cooking and being The King of the Grill. Of course, you want your cooking device food to be the best everyone has ever tasted and so here are our 5 rules to make sure you’re the Ultimate Grill King…

Rule 1 – A Clean Start 

Even if you religiously clean your cooking device after you’ve used it, in between uses your grill can gather dust and dirt so it’s a very good idea to give your cooking device a clean up after and before you use it, every time. One top tip if you find your grill doesn’t clean up easily, is to soak it in biological washing powder for a while before you scrub it. 

Rule 2 – Keeping it safe


If there’s one thing that’s going to ruin your reputation as King of the Grill that’s giving your dinner guests food poisoning! We tend to lower our hygiene standards a little when we’re cooking outdoors, but when the weather is hot, bacteria can breed fast. Don’t leave meat lying around in the heat. Keep it refrigerated right up until you need it, then store any excess in a cool box. 

Rule 3 – Don’t mix your meats

Keep different types of meat and fish apart, and don’t reuse a marinade that has already been on raw meat. Make sure everything is fully cooked. Keep a skewer to hand, put the skewer into the centre of the meat. If it’s cooked properly, the juices will run clear. Basically, if you’re not totally sure, then cook it some more. Everyone loves that charred taste anyhow!

Rule 4 – Get out of a sticky situation

You’ve cooked the perfect burger, it looks perfectly charred and so appetising. You can’t wait to serve it up and impress your guests, but then it sticks to the grill! You prise it off and it ends up in several pieces. It doesn’t look quite so appealing now does it? To avoid this cooking device disaster, the trick is to grease the grill before you use it. You can use the fats from the meat you are cooking, or sunflower oil. 

Rule 5 – The Happy Ending


Sick of fat congealing at the bottom of your grill? Sprinkle sand into it after you’ve finished cooking and it will absorb that fat making it easier to dispose of. Keeping your cooking device hot even after you’ve finished cooking will burn off any leftover food residues. 

The final secret

There’s one BIG secret to becoming the perfect King of the Grill, and that’s to cook with a Big Green Egg. You can cook so much more, you have way more control, and it’s easy to clean too! Learn more about this innovative barbecue here. Available now from Foodsaver Stores.

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