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My Meal – Simple and Healthy

07 Aug 2020

My Meal – Simple and Healthy
My Meal – Simple and Healthy
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My Meal – Simple and Healthy
New, delicious and healthy meals at Foodsaver
Quick, simple and ready to cook!  

“My Meal – Simple and Healthy” are the latest addition at the Foodsaver stores. An ideal solution for lunch or for dinner, these meals perfectly accommodate the hectic rhythms of our modern-day lifestyle. A My Meal pack contains all the necessary ingredients for preparing a tasty individual meal, which is packed following the “no waste” world-wide principle.
Foodsaver stores have always kept up with modern trends and always strive to put the consumer first, aiming to provide nutritious and high-quality products. Recognising modern life’s fast and demanding pace and the need for a quick, but high-quality healthy meal, Foodsaver have collaborated with a nutritionist and have created an innovative product, ideal for all.
My Meal are wholesome, one-portion meals made of nutritious and healthy food combinations and most importantly, they can be prepared in just a few minutes. The meals are available in 9 tasty combinations and will definitely satisfy even the most demanding food connoisseurs, since they are inspired by a variety of ethnic cuisines. China, Mexico and India are just a few of the countries we are invited to ‘travel’ to with My Meal, with available vegan options also.
My Meal can be found exclusively at Foodsaver stores, which are constantly broadening their offerings and remain loyal to their vision of offering high-quality products, providing excellent customer service and helping consumers enjoy a healthier life, enriched with exciting flavours.
Whether you love cooking but have never had enough time to, or you just wish to follow a well-planned and healthy diet but are never quite sure about the right quantity, the Meal packs are ideal for you, as well as for all Foodlovers. Visit the Foodsaver store for salmon fillet with quinoa, vegetables and asparagus, Mexican-style chicken with sweetcorn and wild rice, falafel with mixed vegetables and six more delicious combinations, ready to be cooked!
For more information on My Meal – Simple and Healthy, visit and order your tasty meals today, via Foody at for home delivery!

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          2235, Nicosia, Cyprus
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