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Product Categories

Black Angus
Famous and certified Aberdeen Black Angus beef is renowned for its superior quality, its unique taste and its tender texture.
A rich selection of beef for barbequing, roasting etc.
Fresh Meat
Fresh, selected meat for the ultimate cooking experience.
Its subtle taste and soft texture will impress the lovers of veal meat
Certified lamb from New Zealand with a perfect taste and colour. The best solution for "kleftiko."
Specially selected pork cuts with an authentic taste.
Rare, exotic tastes for the lovers of game. Ideal for classic, slow cooking.
Certified and carefully selected chicken that promise exquisite tastes. Enjoy!
Prepare delicious and creative dishes with our tasty and tender ducks. Something different for your menu.
Healthy and nutritious turkeys and selected cuts- a perect choice for your diet
Enjoy exceptional delicious goose, both in family gatherings and holidays.
Mixed Seafood
Enjoy scents of the sea! A large selection of molluscs that will enrich your daily menu.
A catch of all sorts of selected fish with tastes from all around the world.
A selection of the freshest shellfish, packed and sealed under the most satisfactory conditions, retaining their nourishing ingredients and their authentic taste.
Organic Vegetables
High quality, biological vegetables – straight from nature!
Our vegetables have been cultivated by select farmers and each kind of vegetables picked during the right season.
Juicy and tasty fruit containing no preservatives, promising enjoyment throughout the year. Ideal for customers following a balanced diet.
A huge selection of cheeses in very practical packaging- simply delicious!
Dairy Products
Popular dairy products ready to enhance your culinary creations. The purest of ingredients!
Cold Cuts
Classic and traditional cuttings of high quality meat that we all love.
Finger Food
Practical, tasty and special selections for parties, special occasions but also consumed as every-days snacks or appetisers.
Various tastes wrapped in crunchy, tasty breading.
Ready Meals
These meals are delicious with a homemade taste. They make your life easier and are ready for immediate consumption. Get spoilt for choice!
Easy solutions for breakfast and ideal snacks to accompany your afternoon coffee.
Ready-made pizzas topped with large quantities of fresh ingredients, ideal for any family table.
Fresh Pasta
Let yourself experience the unique flavors of these fresh Italian pastas. Easy to prepare and easier to enjoy!
Cafe Asia Products
A unique range of delicious and easy-to-prepare products for any occasion
Meat Burgers
Delicious burgers made from specially selected meat.
Veggie Burger
Tasty veggie burgers. A pure delight!
Chicken Burgers
You will love these crunchy chicken burgers!
Fish Burgers
Burgers full of taste and sea aromas.
Ready-made sugary delights for every hour of the day!
Ice Cream
Cultivated produce that play an extremely important role in your diet. An invaluable source of protein.
A wide range of rice from different countries. We treat rice with love so that it preserves its taste.
Value-for-money pasta from well-known brands. Italian traditional tastes.
Canned Foods
Selected tastes conserved in a suitable packaging so as to remain unaffected from the external environment..
For lovers of good food who prefer the ideal sauce. Introduce great tastes and aromas to your dishes!
High quality oils that enhance your cooking.

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