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What can you cook?

What can you cook? The Big Green Egg can accommodate a variety of cooking methods with the use of just one tool.
You will therefore, never again be confronted with any limitations when it comes to preparing your favourite meal or desert. 

Get inspired by delicious recipes, mouthwatering menus, rich specials by pressing here ….and enjoy! Let life taste good!

Grill at high temperatures of up to 400⁰C and enjoy restaurant quality meals! Sear your favourite burgers, steaks, ribs, seafood etc.


What cookBy adjusting the interior temperature you can cook any meal slowly at low temperatures. Transform direct cooking into indirect cooking with the special ceramic hob. Ideal for even the most demanding chefs who wish to try out more exotic and traditional meals. Try out casseroles, kleftiko, deer and much more! 


What cookThanks to the special ceramic plate that is available as an additional tool, you can enjoy homemade pizzas, warm bread, a variety of deserts, all characterised by a uniquely authentic taste. Use also your ceramic cooking vessel in the same way that you usually would in your kitchen oven. 


What cookThe possibilities go even further! The Big Green Egg may be used for the perfect smoking of your food since the smoke rising from the special wooden particles that you may add to the charcoal, infuses your meals with the aromatic wood smoke flavour. Enjoy a perfectly cooked smoked salmon! 

Experience a world of infinite cooking experiences with the Big Green Egg barbeque!
Seize the opportunity! 

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